Dynamic Workflow Attributes

Dynamic Workflow Attributes


Think through this. You have a workflow entry form with a Campus picker. You want people to be able to pick a Campus, have the server POSTBACK that information, and update a Dropdown list of Groups that are at that location. This would be great for dynamically generating a list of Groups based on Campus or generating a filtered list of Connections from Connection Type, Connection Request Type, and finally Connection.

Ideally, if the POSTBACK could update the Workflow Attribute and then re-render the other Single Select/Multiselects, we could definitely make this work. Currently, we can kind of do this by pulling the value from the URL, but this requires completely rerunning the workflow. Additionally, the Workflow has to be configured to Persist to be able to grab the value, so you have to include an additional step to cleanup the first run of the workflow.

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  • Jonathan Anderson

    I was going to post something similar but maybe a comment on this will be enough, since it's related.

    On certain workflow attributes, Group Member, Connection Opportunity, and Group and Role attributes to name a few, you set some criteria/filters to narrow down what's available. It would be nice to be able to set these dynamically in a workflow as well.

    One example is you could make one workflow that you could use across multiple connection opportunities or connection types. Since they might all have different connector groups you could get the proper connector group in the workflow and then set the value for the GroupMember attribute group filter before showing a uef. As it is right now you either need several workflows that all do the same thing but with 1 attribute set differently, or you must share the same connector group across all the connections which isn't ideal.