Bootstrap 4 in Core

Bootstrap 4 in Core


Bootstrap 4 was finalized on January 18, 2018 (currently v4.4.1) adding many new features that would be amazing inside of RockRMS to drive current website design trends and tools. Bootstrap 5 is slated to release in late 2020 and having RockRMS stay up with current technology trends is important to the organizations within the community.

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  • Jon Edmiston

    Our go forward plan is to make a CSS framework for Rock that is tied to the best of Bootstrap (with a dash of inspiration from Tailwind CSS). We can't tie directly to Bootstrap versions as the are not backwards compatible. Doing so would negate the investment the community has made in their themes and plugins.

    We can do a better job making some of the new Bootstrap components available for use in our framework (thinks like cards, etc). We are adding many of these in v11 with a lot more utility classes. We're working on good documentation for this framework too.

  • Daniel Hazelbaker

    Not saying this won't or can't be done eventually, but because Bootstrap 4 is not compatible with Bootstrap 3 that is not an easy update. It would likely break all existing plugins and require a significant rewrite of existing UI in Rock. It's been discussed a few times, but it's not something that has an easy answer that doesn't require a massive undertaking.

    What I mean by the above is that Bootstrap 4 didn't just add new features, they changed how existing features work. CSS class names were changed, some were left the same but now behave differently, etc.