Create an Option to Add a Fee Off Registration

Create an Option to Add a Fee Off Registration


The fee structure can be pretty complex with the ability to create the following fees:

  • Single Option Fee
  • Single Option Fee with Quantity
  • Multiple Options
  • Multiple Options with Quantity

It would be really helpful to create fees off of registration, not just a registrant. In the screenshot below, we have a required fee that we would like the main registrant to select to determine the price of their registration. However, if there are multiple registrants for this registration, they will all be charged for this fee that is required.

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 11.49.53 AM.png

I could see this feature being very useful for events that have a range of prices depending on the options the registrant chooses and you are asking for multiple registrants. Does anyone else think this idea would be useful? If so, upvote!

Photo of Brad Erb Submitted by Brad Erb, LCBC Church  ·   ·  Event
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