Add Family Salutation Parameter - Last Name

Add Family Salutation Parameter - Last Name


We just recently found the "FamilySalutation" Lava filter. It's amazing. Thank you! I'd love to offer an idea for another parameter for that filter. Could you add a Last Name parameter that defaults to "True" (shows last name) but allows a "False" statement so that it could just return the first names?

Sometimes we send letters where we use a formal First/Last name combination on the envelope but then on the letter we want to use "Dear Nickname". The problem we run into is there doesn't seem to be a great way to include people who may not be married. In the example above we could use Person.Nickname and Spouse.Nickname but for some people they are in the same household and not spouses. In certain scenarios we want to address them as a couple. 

FamilySalutation would work great if we could remove the last name in this scenario. If I'm missing something here and there is a way to do this already, please let me know! 

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