Workflow Person Search, but without Adding Person

Workflow Person Search, but without Adding Person


We would like the ability to do everything the "Person from Attribute Fields" does, but WITHOUT creating a new record.  Essentially, we could create a workflow that identifies a "potential match" that a worker could then verify in a second workflow step.  

Real Life Scenario: We have a digital connection card. an overwhelming number of people are entering their firstname, lastname, phone and email but in the firstname putting things like "Joe and Mary" instead of just a single name "Joe."  On the backend we have tons of extra records being created that then have to be merged.  The software assumes "Joe and Mary" is a new family member, etc.

Photo of Jon Morrissette Submitted by Jon Morrissette, Lakeside Christian Church  ·   ·  Workflow
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  • Josiah Rocke

    What about just having the block truncate the name? The pledge block does this...I wish they would do it on the group/event registration!