Allow Deactivating Registration Fee Items

Allow Deactivating Registration Fee Items


We occasionally have the need to remove fee items from event registration templates, but if the fee item has already been selected by a registrant and we try to delete the item, we get a message saying, "This Registration Template Fee Item is assigned to a Registration Registrant Fee."

Looking at the database, the RegistrationTemplateFeeItem table does have an IsActive field. However, even if I set that field to false for one of the fee items, it appears Rock is completely ignoring it. The fee item shows up anyway.

It would be great if we were given access to change the IsActive value in the Rock UI, and if the registration form would hide/show fee items based on that value.

For now, the best workaround I have found is to change the maximum number of uses for the fee item to 0, and then add some CSS on the page to hide disabled select options:

option[disabled] { display: none; }
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