Set Capacity Limits on Group RSVP

Set Capacity Limits on Group RSVP


With COVID restrictions starting to lift in our area, we are allowed to start letting small crowds back into our building. We need to know how many are coming in order to plan ahead for meeting the standards that are set by our county for proper social distancing and cleanliness standards.

It seems like capturing a headcount is the best way to do this, and would strongly prefer to use the "Group RSVP" feature -- especially because we can capture data on decline reasons, see response analytics, and easily schedule multiple occurrences that are visible on a single dashboard.

The only problem with this is that we need to be able to set a capacity limit on how many RSVPs we will accept -- and Group RSVP doesn't seem capable of this out of the box. However, it seems possible that something like this could be added somewhat simply.

A registration seems like overkill because we don't need to collect anything besides a yes / no, and a headcount.

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  • Jim Michael

    Would adding a limit solve the problem, though? I thought RSVPs were by-definition one person (a group member)... so how would the one person the RSVP gets sent to indicate (to the RSVP/group) they are bringing 5 people as a family.. and that those 5 people would count against the total?