Campus Automation

Campus Automation


Data Automation for updating a family campus - Would be fantastic if that could be based on a specific group attendance such as Weekend Worship.  As a Multisite Church - some classes/events happen at just one Campus - family checks into that class multiple times and boom they are now moved to that campus because of their class attendance even though their weekend worship is at a different campus.  

Photo of Sheila Konitzer Submitted by Sheila Konitzer, Grace Church of Overland Park  ·   ·  Core
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  • Jim Michael

    I would think that the "attendance" being considered for this data automation would only be those group types that have the "weekend service" option checked, which a class/event would (I'd think) not have. Are you seeing it take into account any attendance for any reason? If so, I'd consider that a bug in the data automation logic.

  • John Rauscher

    I 2nd this request.

    A multi-site church is not as black & white as the data automation makes it out to be.