New Global Attribute for Safe Sender Substitution

New Global Attribute for Safe Sender Substitution


When Rock sends an email from a domain that is not in its Safe Senders list (such as when a group leader uses the Group Leader Toolbox to send an email from his personal account), Rock substitutes the FROM address with the ORG address in order to ensure deliverability. The problem is that replies from such emails (even though the reply-to is set to the senders address) often go back to the FROM (Organization) address because many email clients don't honor or care about reply-to address.

We would like to see a NEW Global Attribute added for this, to let us define some address OTHER than the Organization address, so that we can control where these "rogue replies" go (we could send them to a groups admin, for example, or to, etc) INSTEAD of them landing in the Org address mailbox and confusing the people that monitor that email.

All places in Rock that use the Org address for substitution would need to be modified to look at this new attribute for substitution INSTEAD of the Org Address. To keep things from breaking it should probably default to the Org Address, though, after which those who want to can change it to any address they wish.

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