Substitution list for alternate city name spellings

Substitution list for alternate city name spellings


Our area includes St Augustine and Saint Johns but people often fill them out as Saint Augustine and St Johns.

Would there be a way to have a substitution list for matching addresses so that it will recognize them as equivalents?

It would be best as an attribute that a church would need to fill out so we could do the substitutions for the ones we need. Probabl good to have a preferred form so we can standardize them as they come in. I've been running an SQL update that standardizes, but some people haven't settled on how they write their own address.

Photo of Bob Brown Submitted by Bob Brown, Christ's Church in Jacksonville, FL  ·   ·  Core
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  • Jim Michael

    I'm surprised the SmartyStreets address standardization doesn't take care of this? Or are you trying to undo abbreviations it does just for preference reasons?