Allow selection of metric measures for distance (Internationalisation / Internationalization)

Allow selection of metric measures for distance (Internationalisation / Internationalization)


There are currently options, mainly ralated to mapping features where distances are calculated and displayed to the user. At present these appear to be hardcoded for imperial measures e.g. miles versus kilometers.  As part of the broader internationalisation / internationalization of Rock, having options to adjust metric measures for distance to be either metric or imperial as is appropriate would be very useful. Whilst a quick fix would be to just rewrite the specific blocks to use the metric system, a better approach would be to consider a global attribute or defined type that details the unit (s) of measure to utilise and then appropriately adjust the calculation to suit the selected units of measure.

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  • Stewart Colborne

    Group Finder was the block that made me look into it. Based on a quick search of the code, I haven't, as of yet, actually found anywhere else that a distance measure is actually displayed. Most of the other uses of distance are backend and hence not necessary to alter.

  • Jon Edmiston

    Do you have a list of blocks that would need this? It would be helpful to know. I think we'd prefer your suggestion to make it a global setting, but it would also help to know where it's needed for research and testing.