Public Group List Personalized Lava - inactive groups

Public Group List Personalized Lava - inactive groups


In the Group list Personalized Lava on the External site, you can choose to show inactive groups, but those groups are not clickable. Our need is to show historical (inactive) Mission Trips (Fundraising Groups) for people who have gone on past trips and need to access the old trips to see their donors. We would like to not keep past trips active as we use those ACTIVE trips for screening, etc.


We would also like to be able to change the Block name in this module so that we can use if for Different /Specific group types and that type would show in the block rather than just on the page block name.

Would these items be possible by editing the group list lava template?


Photo of Karen Norris Submitted by Karen Norris, Christ Chapel Bible Church  ·   ·  Group
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