Show Alert Notes on Merge Page

Show Alert Notes on Merge Page


As our database grows we have experienced several people with the same name. Here in Arizona we have quite a few families where parents share names with a child (i.e - Grandpa is Marco Martinez, Dad is Marco Martinez Jr, son/grandson is Marco Martinez III). Sometimes these profiles are merged accidentally assuming they are the same person (especially if we don't have birthdate, address, or additional pieces to verify). We usually lean toward  the side of caution and not merge but sometimes it happens. 

To help alleviate this, we do add personal notes with alerts on the profiles but these alert notes don't appear on the merge page, so they are missed. If just notes with the alert identifier were displayed, it would alleviate merge mistakes. 

Photo of Jenni McFerron Submitted by Jenni McFerron, Christ's Church of the Valley (CCV)  ·   ·  Core
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