Bulk Update Option for Group Attributes

Bulk Update Option for Group Attributes


As we grow and add attributes/features/campuses it is becoming a very long and manual process to update attributes onto existing groups. As an example, when we add a single-select attribute (i.e - Audience = men's group, women's group, couples, etc) to our home groups and would like update that attribute, we have to manually update that attribute in each existing home group in Rock. It would be amazing to select multiple groups (of the same group type) and update the attributes for the selected groups.

Like in the example above, being able to update a selection of homegroups to have the attribute of Men's Group would be extremely helpful. Another example is for our serving groups. We have an attribute where we can set the requirements needed to serve in particular group (i.e - our kids areas volunteers are required a background check and other security levels that we track/update through person attributes). When we add a new campus or changes to the requirements, we have to manually add/update all of these attributes to serving groups. We have several groups where their attributes are the same and having a bulk update feature would allow us to make changes all at once. Thanks for considering this idea! 

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