Add 'Guid' to Model Map Listings

Add 'Guid' to Model Map Listings


It currently seems that the Guid column as it exists in many Rock tables does not display in the Model Map. Adding this as a listed property to the Model Map would improve the usability of the Model Map function. Right now I have to use a non-Rock tool or run SQL commands to determine if the Guid column exists in a table (for example when using Dynamic Data Blocks).

Example domains and Models that the Guid exists on a table, but it doesn't show this in the Model Map:

  • Group > Group
  • Group > GroupMember
  • CRM > Person
  • CRM > PersonAlias

I took a look around, and for example the table AnalyticsSourceDate doesn't have a Guid column on the table (I'm assuming there's no reason to have a Guid there)

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  • Leah Jennings

    Hey Shawn! Things like a Guid and CreatedDateTime are on nearly every table, so to keep the model map clean they are hidden. In the model map, in the top right-hand corner of the listed fields, there's some text that says "Show: inherited" with a checkbox. If you check that box, fields like Guid and CreatedDateTime now show in the list. Hope that helps!