Change mobile Check-in QR code to expire with schedule

Change mobile Check-in QR code to expire with schedule


We have two services back-to-back on Sundays, one at 9:45a and one at 11:30a. We have several families that serve one and attend one, or serve both. Since reopening post-COVID, we are 100% mobile check-in (of course with a few attended check-in stations). Whenever a family checks into the 11:30 service and had previously checked into the 9:45 service, the labels from the 9:45 service get printed in addition to the new labels they need. This can be really confusing and frustrating for people, just an extra step of sorting through the tags (one family in particular has quite a few check-ins, and they have about 8-10 labels per service). There's a more detailed troubleshooting analysis here.

The default behavior of the QR code is that there is a cookie stored on the person's mobile phone, AttendanceSessionGuids, which is hardcoded to have an expiration of 8 hours.

Possible solutions:

  1. Change the expiration of the Cookie to expire at the end of the service that is being checked into.
    • If someone checked into our 9:45a service, and that schedule ends at 10:45a, then the cookie would expire at 10:45a. 
    • If there was a service overlap, the cookie's expiration would be set to the time of the schedule that is ending latest.
  2. Allow a configurable expiration on the mobile check-in block that lets each church specify the expiration behavior of the AttendanceSessionGuids cookie
    • End of Schedule - would behave similar to the first possible solution above
    • Default - expires after a certain number of hours (either hardcode to 8 or have an integer field/dropdown to set the number of hours)

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