Missing Ability to Customize Field Labels

Missing Ability to Customize Field Labels


We've noticed that when we choose "Person Fields", "Person Attributes", or "Group Member Attributes" as a field source, we lose the ability to set a form-specific field label. We can work around this with javascript, but that isn't very practical or scalable for us. We'd love the ability to tie form data to existing Rock data points without being required to use the internal Rock data point's name.

Photo of Ken Mulford Submitted by Ken Mulford, North Point Ministries  ·   ·  Event
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  • Ken Mulford

    Hey Jon,

    Sure! It is for event registrations. We recently built an event registration for staff. Since it's staff, we wanted to collect a couple pieces of info that we store internally on person attributes specific to staff. The internal Rock name was something like "Color 1" or "Ennegram 1", but we wanted to show the users "Your Color" and "Your Enneagram". I was able to accomplish this via JavaScript, but would love a way to do this natively in the UI. Similarly we wanted to rename the "Email" field to "Email Address" (internal consistency) but since it was a person field we had to use JavaScript for that too.

  • Jon Edmiston

    Ken, could you provide more context for this idea? What feature is it related to? I'm assuming it's event registration but that's a guess from the idea's category.