Export and Import Web pages in RockRMS

Export and Import Web pages in RockRMS


This started off as an innocent discussion on starting with a fresh set of the default (RockRMS Demo Site) External Pages and turned into something more. But the TLRD of it is that it'd be great to have the ability to export and import RockRMS CMS pages with the blocks and content associated with them.

This feature would allow for:

  • Exporting all pages, blocks, content (similar to the copy function today) from a Parent Page(selected root) and all Children Pages down (if selected to do so during the export process) to a single file (JSON?)
  • Importing all pages, blocks, content from a previously exported page tree from the JSON by selecting which Parent Page or Top-level you'd like this set of pages to be imported to
  • Warning that any image or file references/links or block settings may be abandoned in the export/import process, similar to the existing copy function warnings

This would be beneficial for:

  • Getting back to a stock set of pages Internal or External if you forgot to make that immediate copy of the page-tree back in 2018 when you first installed v6. Doh!
  • Sharing a single or multi-page export with pre-established blocks and content via RockRMS recipes!
  • Enabling theme developers to include starter boilerplate templates for sites
  • Enabling partners to build out special sections and pages faster to launch churches in a streamlined manner
  • So much more...

I'm sure that this idea has come up before, but is spun out of this Community RocketChat thread. We see it as behaving very similar to the existing Workflow import/export function but instead with the CMS content on RockRMS instances.

Photo of Ben MurphySubmitted by Ben Murphy, Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh North  ·   ·  CMS
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  • Ben Murphy

    Know that this idea from the chat thread quickly became an import/export ALL OF THE THINGS! discussion. Lava Shortcodes and Content Channel and items oh my!