Allow links for KPI shortcode items

Allow links for KPI shortcode items

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Often when I display stats or metric values on a page, I like to link them to some sort of report page that shows detailed data behind the value. It would be nice if there was an optional url parameter on the KPI shortcode items. If a value is specified for the parameter, then the KPI item would be wrapped in an anchor tag with the url value set as the href attribute.

Currently the only way to add a link to individual KPI items is to put each item inside it's own separate kpis shortcode call and wrap the anchor around that.

Photo of Jeff RichmondSubmitted by Jeff Richmond, The Well Community Church  ·   ·  Lava
Photo of Jon EdmistonComplete Jon Edmiston, Spark!  · 

Added in V13

Planned Version 13.0
Ministry Strength 1 / 5
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