Contribution Statements to cater for country fiscal year dates

Contribution Statements to cater for country fiscal year dates


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I suspect that this functionality does not currently exist, so I thought I'd suggest it here.

In New Zealand, the fiscal year goes from 4/1/(yyyy-1) to 3/31/yyyy.  Other countries also have fiscal years that are different to the calendar year.

For us, the 2019 YTD report should only pick up transactions in the range 4/1/2018 to 3/31/2019.

We wont be able to offer this functionality this year because the 2019 YTD report will not include transactions for the right date range.  (Unless you can guide me as to where I can change the selection logic?)

Obviously users can request transactions between specific dates, (and the statement generator may be an option?) but users won't be able to self-generate their Donation Statements required for their tax returns unless the donations include only the transactions in the fiscal, not the calendar, year.

As per the Question 2188 text:  I suggest that there be a global attribute for fiscal year end date, and that this be used to calculate the start and end date of the date range for Contribution Statements as per the example in Question 2188.

Thank you.

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