Sort Group Types Alphabetically in Registration Templates

Sort Group Types Alphabetically in Registration Templates

13.0 Event Complete

It would be great if Group Types could be sorted alphabetically in the Group Type Dropdown on Registration Templates.


Photo of Mike MundySubmitted by Mike Mundy, Bedford Alliance Church  ·   ·  Event
Photo of Nick AirdoComplete Nick Airdo, Spark!  · 

This change has been made to the Registration Template Detail block in v13 (which can be seen on the pre-alpha site as of Rock version

Planned Version 13.0
Ministry Strength 1 / 5
Feature Size Small
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  • Nick Airdo

    Although the Group Types have an 'Order' property, we're going to bend the rule here to order them by Name in this dropdown.

    Regarding Karen's idea about ordering them in the GroupTypes list block, that would require a bit more consideration since that block has the ordering widget/grabber** and it is the block that allows you to set the display order. (** It will throw an exception if we try to allow sorting when the reorder column is used. I'm going to add this to our internal discussion board to see what our options might be -- if any.)

  • Karen Norris

    It would be great if the list of Group Types in General Settings could also be listed in Alpha order or if it could allow for the headings to be sortable by Name.