Update Background Check Workflow to Check For Email Address

Update Background Check Workflow to Check For Email Address


I'm not sure about the PMM Background Check workflow, but I do know the Checkr workflow has a minor logic flaw. It allows you to submit a Background Check request for a person even if that person doesn't have an email address, yet an email address is critical to successfully completing the request (because it gets passed to Checkr so they can send the invite email).

Here's what often happens here with the current Checkr workflow:
1. Staff person goes to a person's record and doesn't notice/realize there is no email address on the person.

2. Staff person uses Actions menu to submit a new Background Check request.

3. Background check errors-out with a link (for Background Check Admins) on homepage that says "Background Check: [name] (Request Error)" but this link takes you to a form in the workflow where you can only re-submit it... it doesn't tell you that the error is due to a missing email address on the profile, and even if it did you still can't edit it here.

This Idea is to modify the core workflow to CHECK for the existence of the email address on the initial form, and disallow it to be submitted if there isn't one (or at the very least, put up a big red warning that there is no email address and this check will fail).

We realize this would be pretty trivial to adjust in the workflow ourselves, but we're hesitant to modify a core workflow for fear that a future update/migration on it could break because of our modifications, and believe it would be best fixed in core.

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  • Jim Michael

    It would also be helpful to make "abandoned" workflows (such as occurs when someone chooses Actions | Background Check on a profile but does NOT submit it, for whatever reason) clean themselves up after, say, 1hr.

    Today, if someone instantiates the workflow but doesn't submit it, these will stay active in "Initial Request" status forever, unless manually deleted.