Pages Editor Link In Admin Footer

Pages Editor Link In Admin Footer


When you need to edit a page from the Page Editor page (that was a mouthful) it is nice to get there quickly. Adding a button for this in the admin footer would be a welcome addition.

Here would be my suggested location and fa icon (fa-external-link-square).

The link should ideally include the ExpandedIds parameter with the parent ids included. This will ensure the Page tree is expanded when you get to the Pages Page.

This could be accomplished via a html content block added to the site footer as well but that isn't ideal.

{% assign tempPage = CurrentPage %}
{% assign parentPageList = tempPage.ParentPage.Id %}

{% for x in (1..10) %} {% comment %} This loop will travel up the parent page tree building a parent Page Id list {% endcomment %}
{% assign tempPage = tempPage.ParentPage %}
{% if tempPage.ParentPage.Id %}
{% capture parentPageList %}{{parentPageList}},{{ tempPage.ParentPage.Id }}{% endcapture %}
{% else %}
{% comment %}If no parents remain exit the for loop {% endcomment %}
{% break %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{% javascript %}
$(function() {
$('.button-bar').append('<a id="aPagesLink" class="btn pages-link" href="/page/103?Page={{ CurrentPage.Id }}&ExpandedIds={{parentPageList}}&Redirect=false" title="Pages Editor"><i class="fa fa-external-link-square"></i></a>');

{% endjavascript %}

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  • Jessica Habermehl

    The reason this resonated with me is recently I built a page that had five almost-identical child pages, which I needed to be able to switch between a lot as I was replicating and tweaking pieces, so I ended up having both the internal editor and external page open with lots of refreshing. So that's an infrequent thing, but I know there have been other times I've wanted to hop to the internal editor, but that also could be influenced by my relatively low level of use of it overall, similar to Tony's comment.

  • Tony Visconti

    More so than feature parity, I am finding that I prefer the full page editor when I am looking to make significant edits to the page vs smaller tweaks.

    I could see myself shifting to the on page editor more over time as my comfort with it increases. As a new user I am still doing a lot of hovering and reading of various buttons before clicking on them.

  • Jon Edmiston

    Out of curiosity, what are you wanting to edit using the internal page that you can't do from the admin toolbar in the page footer? We've worked hard to make the two admin surfaces to have feature parity.