Making Reconciling Easier with Transnational

Making Reconciling Easier with Transnational


I would like to suggest that the core team work closely with the team at Transnational to deliver a solution that makes reconciling batches in Transnational with Rock easier for the staff team. Generally I would not support a feature that is primarily focused on making a staff members job easier but in this case it seems like churches are throwing a lot of time into this and have all invested in different ways / solutions to try and accomplish it. Other providers (PushPay,, etc) have been able to accomplish this.

The largest issue seems to be that the bank account deposits do not match the Rock batches. One possible solution might be to change the way Rock batches transactions with Transnational. Could we batch with the “deposit” instead of at time the transaction is submitted?

I am sure there are other ideas out there also. 

Photo of Austin Spooner Submitted by Austin Spooner, Veritas Church of Cedar Rapids  ·   ·  Finance
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