Security controls on Check-In Manager ‘Close/Open’ selector

Security controls on Check-In Manager ‘Close/Open’ selector


We have the check-in manager open in multiple classrooms so the teachers can view the list of children currently in their room. Occasionally someone accidentally closes a room because they either don’t understand how this field works or they accidentally click it. It would be great if security controls could be put in this field so the check-in manager was available to all the teachers but only certain roles or users could close a classroom. 

If security controls are too ‘messy’, perhaps whenever a user tries to close or open a room, a pop-up prompt to enter the PIN used in check-in could be another option. 

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  • Tim Lemons

    Hey Andrew - we added a display: none to the page and just hid the close rooms option if that helps in the mean time. If you need help or the specifics hit me up in @timlem