Option for Previous button on Workflow Form

Option for Previous button on Workflow Form


It would be great to have an option to display a "Previous" button on a Workflow Form.

At times we are putting together semi-complex Workflows with several forms in them that all display one after another, making the end-user feel they are advancing to the next "page". It would be pretty cool to be able to add a previous button that would take you back to the previous form (to the user, back a page), displaying all the information they previously entered.

Photo of Mike MundySubmitted by Mike Mundy, Bedford Alliance Church  ·   ·  Workflow
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  • DJ Grick

    I have thought about this a few times but realized that as long as I put each form on a new Workflow Activity I can add a button at the end of the form that says "previous" and just activates that previous activity (moving the user back when they click).