Limit Grade Choices on Event Registration

Limit Grade Choices on Event Registration


It would be great if Rock allowed us to choose which school grades are available for a Registrant to select during an Event Registration. I know there is a Recipe that allows you to hide certain grades via CSS, and I know you can do it by creating a Registrant Attribute and then a Workflow to set the grade. Just thought it would be neat to have it be an option directly in the Event Registration.

Photo of Mike MundySubmitted by Mike Mundy, Bedford Alliance Church  ·   ·  Event
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  • Tony Visconti

    In a similar fashion if we are collecting school information via registration it would be ideal if we could limit the list of schools we want to show. If I am setting up registration for a high school event and want to collect info on what high schools registrants go to, I don't want the registrant to see an option to select an elementary schools. More broadly when person attributes are included of type defined values it would be great if we could filter the list of defined values displayed for selection based on defined value attribute values.