Allow CheckIn URL config to not Require All 3 settings

Allow CheckIn URL config to not Require All 3 settings


When we originally installed rock on v6 we could configure an iPad with a KioskId,CheckinConfigId and Theme and it would load the "Choose your Areas" page where a staff member could make a choice of which areas they wanted the app to use for this instance.  This allowed us to have one checkin config that has our "ministry" checkins and each ministry could grab one of our iPad checkin stations and use it for their ministry for that night even when another ministry was also checking in at the same time with no restrictions on "who" could checkin.  This allows us to not be forced to use "Already Belongs" on our areas/groups and let each iPad be configured on the fly by the admin to only checkin to their specific ministry for that use and then be ready for the next ministry once they are done with it (sometimes even 30 minutes later, but just unchecking the area that the previous person checked and checking their own off even with overlapping schedules)

This changed in one of the version upgrade.  We always go back and make a slight tweak to the C# code every upgrade and remove an && statement in code so that it only looks for KioskId and CheckingConfigId as part of an IF Statement.  We remove the GroupTypeId && check so that it processes the rest of the code.

This works fine for us, but would be nice to have as a configuration option instead of having to adjust C# everytime.

Photo of Mark WamplerSubmitted by Mark Wampler, Watermark Community Church  ·   ·  Check-in
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