Allow Group Scheduling from Mobile Browser

Allow Group Scheduling from Mobile Browser


Hi Rock Stars!

We are beginning to use the features of the group scheduling tool in Rock.  Our ministry is excited about empowering staff and volunteers that are using the scheduling tools we provide, but to be fully utilized, we need the ability to schedule people from a mobile device (i.e. smartphone).  While laptops and tablets readily support the scheduling feature, it is only available in a drag and drop interface that requires a large screen to use and thus it is unavailable on a smartphone.  I've asked about this in the community on Rocket chat, and it was suggested that it can't be done because of the lack of space/pixels. While I agree that drag and drop is impractical on a small screen, there is more than one way to accomplish any task, but sometimes that requires a paradigm shift.  PCO has solved this very elegantly by allowing users to "click" on a slot where a person is needed which then opens a list of eligible users from which someone can be selected to work in that slot - no need to drag and drop and it still gets the job done.  Jon E. suggested I post it here for consideration.

Ideally, the scheduling feature would be available in the Mobile App as well, but I would settle for a mobile browser solution for now.

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PCO [mobile] Solution:




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