Add optional Phone Number for the Registered By person.

Add optional Phone Number for the Registered By person.


We would like to stop asking for and email and phone number on registrations that involve children, especially those under the age of 13. Technically we can do this now, but if we do not ask for it there, the Registered By person is only able to enter in their name and email address.  If we could add a phone number to the registered by piece of the registration, that would be a huge help. It would give us two ways to contact that person, especially when the person fat fingers their email address.  Without going into a lot of details, when we ask for this on the registrant, we are getting data in the email and phone number fields of a child, which is actually that of their parent (aka:registrar). This often leads to additional duplicates that have to be resolved and many parents without phone numbers. 

Photo of Traci FougerousseSubmitted by Traci Fougerousse, Fellowship NWA  ·   ·  Event
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