See My Own Sent Communications On Person History

See My Own Sent Communications On Person History


Today, when I send a communication to a person in Rock I can then see that "sent item" under People | Communication History, which is great. I can also see the "sent item" when ON that person's profile under History, which is also great.

What's not-so-great is that I CANNOT see the CONTENTS of what I sent when on the person's history (the "view message" button is missing). It looks like I need Edit rights to the Personalized Communication History block, but doing that means I can then see the contents of ALL communications sent to this person, from other staff (yuck.)

What I'd love is an enhancement that lets me see the contents of ONLY the messages I've sent to people under their History, vs. having to go "dig" for it under People | Communication History.

Photo of Jim MichaelSubmitted by Jim Michael, The Crossing  ·   ·  Communication
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