Ability to Override Block's View in the Themes

Ability to Override Block's View in the Themes


Hello! If you are familiar with how Joomla CMS works, it has this feature that enables theme builders to override any view. How it works is in the controller, there is a line that would check if an override file exists in the theme. There is a set path in the theme that has to be followed where the controller will check for the override file, otherwise, the default view is loaded.

With this ability, the look and feel of any blocks in Rock can be re-layout according to the theme developer style of how the date is presented. Currently, either you create your own block with your own view style or manipulate the view via javascript with CSS. I think even with Obsidian where the view is generated via Vue, an override can still be useful so churches can have different way of presenting block data.

Photo of Jackson UySubmitted by Jackson Uy, Lake Avenue Church  ·   ·  CMS
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