Button to Delete Exceptions in Exception Log

Button to Delete Exceptions in Exception Log


Now that Fluid is out and becoming more heavily adopted, there will be a heavy increase in the number of exceptions in the log.

Previously when a typo occurred in Lava it was harder to find unless you were looking for it.  Now all typos and bugs get reported as exceptions in the log. This is great!  It helps diagnose problems you may not have been aware of.

However, as you "fix" the problem, the exception stays in the log unless you use SQL to delete it.

I think having a manual delete/inactivate button there would be helpful so that as I fix my Fluid errors or other problems, I or a teammate can delete/inactivate the exception to know this has been resolved.

Something that allows me to know what is still a problem and what has been "taken care of" would be great.

Photo of Mark WamplerSubmitted by Mark Wampler, Watermark Community Church  ·   ·  Lava
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