Add Group Member Workflows When Group Member Attribute has Changed

Add Group Member Workflows When Group Member Attribute has Changed


The current triggers for Group Member Workflows is limited only to:

  • Member Added to Group
  • Member Removed from Group
  • Member Status Changed
  • Member Role Changed
  • Member Attended Group
  • Member Placed Elsewhere

What if my group has group member attributes and those attributes has been updated and I need to say for example trigger a workflow that someone updated something in the member attribute? Our actual use case on this is on our Staff Group, when HR updates any of the staff attribute for example: "Job Title" or "Position". I would like to auto update the Person Attribute "Position" via workflows to reflect the changes but it cannot be done since there's no available trigger for Group Member Workflows on Group Member Attributes. 


Photo of Jackson UySubmitted by Jackson Uy, Lake Avenue Church  ·   ·  Group
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