Check-in Reprint Label Options

Check-in Reprint Label Options


It would be nice if you could pick the printer that a label should print to when reprinting from check-in. This is possible from check-in manager but not check-in.

Currently when reprinting from check-in the label will reprint at the station that the person checked in at. This can be an issue if there are many self service kiosk. When a label doesn't print, families often will walk to another station that is attended(possibly a long walk) but the reprint will not print at that station, or even if it is close by, by the time the family has a volunteer to help them there could be another family at the kiosk they came from. Having the option there for picking a printer would reduce the amount of steps that's required to reprint a label if you are not at the same kiosk.

Photo of Jonathan AndersonSubmitted by Jonathan Anderson, The Ark Church  ·   ·  Check-in
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