Group Type Requirement Enhancements

Group Type Requirement Enhancements


Having the Auto Initiate setting on Group Type Requirements are great! However that is tied to a job and by default the job schedule(typically ran once a day). It would be nice to have an Initiate Immediately option as well.

This could be used in the following manner: Imaging have a group that requires some type of signed document, lets say it's a sports group and you require a waiver. This group is also setup to be listed on your churches Group Finder page to allow people to sign up for the group. Additionally, you have a Group Type Requirement attached to the group so that it auto initiates a workflow immediately, this workflow sends them the Signature Document Workflow link. The combination of these options makes the group signup and requesting a signed document all happen automatically upon the person signing up for the Group. Everything happens Automagically!

Photo of Jonathan AndersonSubmitted by Jonathan Anderson, The Ark Church  ·   ·  Group
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