Add Group Scheduling UI Indicator If Confirmation Has Been Resent

Add Group Scheduling UI Indicator If Confirmation Has Been Resent


Problem Description / Why

We've recently started using Group Scheduling. We've set it up so that a lead volunteer is able to do majority of the scheduling for a specific serving team while the oversight of that scheduling is maintained by someone on staff. The schedulers and staff are having a hard time knowing if any confirmation communications have been resent or if they need to resend it. If they both resend the confirmation, then the person being scheduled will end up getting it multiple times. Ultimately they are trying to manage reminding someone who hasn't responded to a scheduling request.

Proposed Solution / Request

I would love to see this visually represented on the Group Scheduler itself. There's a few ways this could be done, and we'd be ok with any of them:

  1. A modal popup messages if the CurrentPerson clicks "Resend Confirmation". The modal would say that the confirmation has already been resent and include when the confirmation was last resent.
  2. A UI indicator somewhere near the name of the person listed in the Group Scheduler, but only for those who still are unconfirmed and showing yellow. Similarly to how there is an icon to represent whether or not the schedule matches their preferences, there could be an icon indicating whether or not the person's confirmation has been resent.
  3. A button at the top of the Group Scheduler near the "Send Now" button that would just say "Resend Confirmation". It would resend confirmation communications to each person still unconfirmed, but only to those who have not received a confirmation communication in the last 24 hours (to prevent spamming them). The person level "resend communication" option would still resend, regardless of how many they have received. 
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