Clarify Group Scheduler UI for Min/Desired/Max

Clarify Group Scheduler UI for Min/Desired/Max


Problem Description / Why

We recently started using Group Scheduling for a specific serving team. We established all of our numbers per position for minimum, desired, and maximum. However, it's very unclear in the UI of the Group Scheduler how many are scheduled out of the desired. I understand the white / black lines represent desired and maximum, but because that entire bar is relative to the total, it makes it difficult to see quickly at a glance how many may still be needed. This is most critical when people have declined and they are trying to figure out how many more to schedule. Also, sometimes our max and desired are the same, making it even harder to see the lines since they are overlaid on one another.

Proposed Solution / Request

The tooltip on that colored bar that currently shows the quantity of confirmed / pending / declined would be a great place to add this. I would love to see, in addition to the quantity of confirmed / pending / declined, the count of confirmed out of each slot count. For example, in the tooltip, I'd like to see, where # is the number of confirmed individuals:

# / 3 min
# / 5 desired
# / 7 maximum

Just so it's easy for them to know how many people they are missing and still need to schedule.

Photo of Leah JenningsSubmitted by Leah Jennings, Northside Christian Church  ·   ·  Group
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