Change Passwordless Login Confirmation template for mobile

Change Passwordless Login Confirmation template for mobile

16.1 Security Complete

The default mobile SMS template for the Passwordless Login Confirmation system communication is:

{{ Code }} is your {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationName' }} verification code.

SMS messages generated with this template are not recognized by IOS as containing a security code. As a result, the code cannot be copied from the SMS message and pasted into the login screen in Safari. Also, the IOS one touch “From Messages” integration does not work.

All of this can be fixed by changing this template to:

Your {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationName' }} verification code is: {{ Code }}

By placing the code at the end of text reference a code, IOS is able to recognize this as a security code. The code can be copied and pasted. Even better, From Messages works, so after the generated code is received in SMS, a few seconds later it pops up in Safari and can be executed with one touch. Heaven.

Photo of Steve KleinSubmitted by Steve Klein, Liquid Church  ·   ·  Security

Replaces the default in 16.1

Planned Version 16.1
Ministry Strength 1 / 5
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