App Configuration List for Rock Mobile App Switcher

App Configuration List for Rock Mobile App Switcher


Randomly thought of this this week so I thought I'd add it.

Currently it's a bit slow/clunky to switch back and forth between multiple Rock Mobile apps in the Rock Core/Latest shell apps, as it requires you to recall or lookup and enter the App Id, API URL, and Key for the app you need to preview.

If there were a way to save app configurations to the app switcher to be able to more quickly switch between apps without having to know the details, I believe this would be an improvement to the day-to-day development experience of Rock Mobile.

Bonus points if the UI for choosing a configuration implemented some of the app styles (even just the primary brand color) for the app it corresponded to.


Photo of Brian KalwatSubmitted by Brian Kalwat, NewSpring Church  ·   ·  Mobile
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