Add HTML Instructional Content To Forms via Form Builder

Add HTML Instructional Content To Forms via Form Builder



Semi-technical ministry administrators seek the ability to incorporate HTML instructions within forms, placing them at various positions—top, bottom, or middle. They are willing to learn limited HTML but find building form via workflows (which already has this feature) outside their comfort zone. Additionally having an html editor for confirmation and notifications emails would be a plus.


This feature would facilitate linking to external resources, such as our child protection policy and staff handbook. It would also allow us to create instructional content that is more comprehendible and visually appealing.

Ministry Need:

Implementation of this feature would allow us to replace external form-building tools. It would empower us to bring more forms and people data into Rock, providing a better understanding of engagement.

Please see below for some example screenshots of how we currently make use of HTML Instructional Content: 



Photo of Tony ViscontiSubmitted by Tony Visconti, College Church  ·   ·  Workflow
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