Adjust UI of Sign-Up Register Group Mode to Enhance for Long Lists

Adjust UI of Sign-Up Register Group Mode to Enhance for Long Lists



We're launching a Project Finder using the Sign-Ups feature under the hood. We're going to be adding a way for leaders of multiple types of groups (serving teams, life groups, etc) to register people within their team/group. The problem is some of these teams are quite large, so the interface is very long and harder to use.

Here's what it looks like with a long list of people:


Idea / Proposed Solution

If the Sign-Up Register block, in group mode, behaved more like the new Obsidian Group Attendance detail block, it would be a game changer. Specifically, having the ability to search for people among long lists is huge. And also having that update in real-time so they don't have to click a bunch and then remember to click Save.

Photo of Leah JenningsSubmitted by Leah Jennings, Northside Christian Church  ·   ·  Engagement
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