Prevent Family Members Changing Contact Info for Elevated Profile Protection Levels

Prevent Family Members Changing Contact Info for Elevated Profile Protection Levels

Security Started

While you can disable duplicate checking and account hijacking for the security roles of your choosing, the suggestion is to only disable that process for elevated and extreme profile protection levels. From the My Account page you can change contact information for family members. So if a spouse or child has a Rock account and their profile protection level is not one that duplicate checking is disabled, their accounts are vulnerable to hijacking via event and group registrations. Once you have gained access to their account you can then edit the contact information for the person with elevated access and now reset their login so you have access to their account as well.

I believe any profile levels that you have disabled duplicate checking for should also be prevented from having their contact information changed by a family member via the My Account page.

Photo of Courtney CookseySubmitted by Courtney Cooksey, The Crossing (Columbia, MO)  ·   ·  Security
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