Event Registration - Support Staff Needed

Event Registration - Support Staff Needed


Our event approval process includes coordinating with departments needed for the event that would not easily identify as a resource.  So it would be nice to have something like customizable "add row" checkboxes on the main screen.  We particularly are looking at adding a way to include:

Does your event require Security Staff?
Does your event require Child Care?
Does your event require AVL support staff?
Does your event require Food Service?

Then each of these departments would be notified in the approval process as to their availability.  Adding them as Resources gets odd because of the Quantity option.  You would have to fabricate a quantity since the department can typically handle multiple events at the same time.

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  • Tim Lemons

    Hey Matt - we are doing exactly what you are saying I can show you a demo sometime if you want. The quantity thing is not really that big of a deal.