Export Addresses as Individual Parts to Excel

Export Addresses as Individual Parts to Excel


We would like to see the Excel export on any grid export Addresses as separate parts (e.g. Street1, Street2, City, State, Zip) instead of the current behavior of putting the entire address into a single column/cell.

The main issue with the current behavior is that the address not being separated into parts makes it impossible to use for a list of addresses to send to a mailing service (Kinkos, etc) as they will not accept such a format... and automatically parsing the single column into multiple address parts in Excel is difficult and error prone.

The current work-arounds for this are also lacking:

1. The most straightforward approach is to create a Report that returns people and defines the various address parts as columns, which can easily be exported to Excel. However, this only works well IF the data you're dealing with is already retrievable via a DataView... but what about the other places in Rock like Attendance/Giving Analytics that are NOT accessible by a DataView? Today, in order to use a Report for this you have to a) Bulk update your Attendance/Giving Analytics grid to a temporary Group. b) Make a DataView that returns people in the Group. 3. Make a Report for that DataView that can export the Address as parts. Needless to say, this is cumbersome at best, and impossible at worst, due to the inability to easily bulk update a large number of people to a Group without it timing out. Try it with 15k people and see what I mean...

2. Another work-around is to create a specially-crafted merge document that formats address parts as a comma-delimited string using {[ Row.Address... ]} syntax. Once you merge, you then save the Word doc as Text and can then open in Excel as a CSV. This is also a poor workaround due to the performance problems of merging large numbers of people and the possibility of commas in the Street portion of the address breaking the CSV formatting/alignment.

All that is to say that these problems could ALL go away if Rock were simply changed to export the Address as PARTS everywhere an Address is Exportable to Excel. I'm not sure if it should just be changed as new behavior (which could possibly break something that's relying on Address being in a single column) or somehow optional (maybe a Global Attribute that could set how Addresses export to Excel?)


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