Prevent other Staff/Person to Edit an Item from any Entity when Someone is Currently Editing that Item

Prevent other Staff/Person to Edit an Item from any Entity when Someone is Currently Editing that Item


Would be nice if Rock CMS or Core, prevent other staff/person to edit an opened item from any entity while is it being edited.

Why? Well, we're still working on our Rock website and been training Staff to update their ministry webpages. I've setup ours via Group so Staff can edit their ministry group and utilizing the Group Attributes as fields that staff can edit their content. The problem is while teaching them, I would switch to my logged in browser and do an update while a staff also have the same group opened. I saved and the staff save his changes after and all of my changes is gone. No simultaneous user should be able to edit the same item at the same time. Very basic security for CMS.

Just to show what I'm trying to point out, in Joomla, there is a padlock icon next to the article item title that is opened by someone and it prevents other people from opening that item until it is released by the person currently editing.


Photo of Jackson UySubmitted by Jackson Uy, Lake Avenue Church  ·   ·  CMS
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