CSV Person Match

CSV Person Match


As an Admin, I want to upload a CSV into Rock and add matched individuals to a designated group. The matching logic should mirror the existing CSV import tool. This streamlined process enhances efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and reducing the chance of errors.

Additional Details:

Instead of automatically adding unmatched records, the tool would provide an option to include them if desired. Additionally, a test mode would be desirable, allowing you to review potential changes before committing them to the system.

Ministry Need:

This feature offers flexibility in working with volunteers who may not have Rock access. They can compile a list of people outside of Rock, and when needed, we can seamlessly import the list into Rock for communication purposes.


This feature is essential for streamlining workflows and improving communication within the organization. By automating the integration of individuals from CSV lists into Rock groups, we reduce reliance on one-off lists generated by volunteers during projects. This aligns with the organization's goal of maintaining a centralized and organized database, minimizing data silos outside of Rock.

Photo of Tony ViscontiSubmitted by Tony Visconti, College Church  ·   ·  Core
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