Add Data View Filters for Additional Tagged Entities

Add Data View Filters for Additional Tagged Entities


It would be helpful to add additional data view filters to identify more entities that are "tagged items." The current data view filters allow you to identify people that are tagged by a person tag, but there are additional entities that currently cannot be identified by a tag within a data view. Specifically, I cannot identify groups that are tagged by a group tag

In our context, we have a ministry to other organizations in our community. We have a group type for these organizations, and we have a list of "groups" or "organizations" that want to participate in this ministry. One of the levels of participation includes identifying a number of organizations that they can in turn begin to mentor. This leads to a group structure where we have a list of groups directly mentored by our organization, which become "parent groups" of the organizations they have committed to mentoring. Within the organizations that we are directly mentoring, several have stepped up and specifically committed to partnering with us as we build this ministry. I am looking for an easy way to allow our ministry leads to identify (tag) these groups, which will allow us to automatically sync the members of these groups into various communication filters based on their group tag and group member role.

By making this a tag, we are also providing a quick reference point for the internal ministry leaders to pull up the list of groups that are "core contributors" to the ministry without additional filtering or reporting. They can also quickly manage the groups on the list just by managing the tag. However, the automation piece of this puzzle would be much easier if there was a data view filter that can identify groups that have been tagged by a specific group tag.

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