Apply Permission Inheritance Consistently

Apply Permission Inheritance Consistently


While our current system typically facilitates permissions inheritance from parent objects or categories, certain exceptions disrupt this process, posing two significant challenges:

  1. Admins must manually set permissions for individual child objects or risk granting overly broad access at the entity level.
  2. Admins may unintentionally misconfigure permissions due to assumptions about standard inheritance behavior.

Where do permissions not extend from parent object/category to their child?
The specific areas where inheritance breaks down are Workflow Categories to Workflow Forms and Registration Categories to Registration Templates.

Why is this crucial to our goal and mission as a church?
Imagine a scenario where a staff member discovers they have unintentionally gained access to confidential information within Rock. The misconfiguration of permissions not only poses a risk of breaching confidentiality but also undermines this staff members trust in Rock's capacity to safeguard sensitive data. Rectifying these discrepancies in permissions inheritance isn't just about streamlining administrative processes; it's about reaffirming confidence in Rock's ability to maintain the utmost confidentiality of our data.

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