Add Search to RockU Videos Community Site

Add Search to RockU Videos Community Site


Add a search field which adds a url parameter for the RockU video section based on Video Title and/or Description to find results of query. This will help others find RockU videos that may pertain to their needs as some may not understand the current categorization.

Areas of the community that currently have search capabilities:

  • Documentation
  • Q&A
  • Recipes
  • Ideas
Photo of Ben MurphySubmitted by Ben Murphy, Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh North  ·   ·  CMS
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Submission Success Tips

Cultivate your ideas for maximum impact with these helpful submission tips that will increase the chances of your brilliant concepts becoming reality.

  • Clear Title: Craft a straightforward and descriptive title that instantly conveys the essence of your idea.
  • Concise Description: Provide an idea description that is succinct, ensuring it effectively communicates the concept without unnecessary verbosity.
  • Provide Additional Details: With a concise description complete, now provide any other details that are needed to better understand the requirements.
  • Thorough Ministry Need Review: Provide a comprehensive overview of the ministry need your idea addresses, emphasizing its significance.
  • Cover the WHY: Clearly articulate the rationale behind your idea, explaining why it's essential and how it aligns with the organization's goals and mission. Oftentimes a clear "why" sheds light into other possible options.